Basket of crops
Ben and Dave
Large Brandy Wine Heirloom tomatoes for sale
Dave sold out all his peasBaske
Tim Friary with some produce
Woo's Worms Composting Box
Woo's Worms Water Hyacinths growing in pond
Ben with some of family at Caroline's Corner
Nice Hat Stephanie
New OFM Sign
OFM Banner
Darnell's Soap
Woo's tomatoes
Joan relaxing
Gretel's late season carrots
Julie and son lugging heavy produce
Tent installation on a windy day
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April 1 tomato seedlings.
Bargain soap
Barry (South Orleans Postmaster) with wife Terri regular attendees.
Michele's Beautiful flower arrangments.
Setting up tents before the market opens.
Ben at Caroline's Corner.
Bernie's Perennials.
Wonderful Bread for sale.
Buy your lobsters at the OFM
Down the line of vendors
Eggs to be had at the market.
Fred's nice perennials.
Gretel's greens.
Lined up for produce.
Barbara with her delicious lettuce.
Tara new Saturday manager meeting Dave from Dave's Ribs.
Nice soap
Radio Interview
Wonderful Summerhouse soap. Thank you Ann for you great soap.
Lori and Heather - Vendor buddies.
Jen's Chicken
Ed with their wonderful products.
Mob lining up at before market opensEd wit
Woo the worm guy. Relaxing before the market opens at 8 am.
Monica's Cute kids at the market.
Frank Morgan entertaining. What wonderful music. Thanks Frank.
Clare's tomatoes
Kim and her young dog. Regulars at the OFM
Ann Belsito, Jennifer Stratton, and Don Bovin generating some great sounds at the OFM. Thank you.
Colorful outfit at the Market celebrating 4th of July parade.
Sarah Burrill entertaining at the OFM 7/17/10
Sarah Burrill and a young friend.
Fred Magee and Frank Morgan playing some tunes
Denya Levine playing at Market with a young friend.
Nice produce from John 7/31
More of John's produce 7/31
Tim Sweeney entertaining
Tim Sweeney fans
A nice display of healthy treats
Betty's beautiful candles
Bob visiting Woo's Worms
Checkerberry Farms display
Chung kids running the show.
Clare's produce. What a nice spread!
Customers lining up for Tim's popular produce
Free tasting at Dave's Ribs - Palmer Farrington and David Reese
Joan setting out her goodies
Matt's perfect produce is very popular
Try it you will like it.
Woo's Worms ready to start selling.
line  for Matt's produce
Fred Magee tickling the Ivories
Apple time at the OFM - Vendor interview
WIC Display
Clare with some great peppers
Dave Relaxing during a slow period
Mom with a happy customer eating his apple.
Father and kid enjoying music at the Market
Customer sees beauty in imperfect tomato
E & T Farms display
Eldredge Farms display
Julie's shitakes
Lavender Lane in the cold
Tim's Fall produce
Ralph and Kathy Tupper - Tupper Farm cranberries
Denya Levine doing her thing.
Happy family enjoying the Market
Gretel, Lori, and chicken
3 OFM regulars. Andrew, Bill, and Sue.
Chung's getting some of Joan's goodies.
Sue, Jim, Bob, and Charlie the talking dog visiting Woo's Worms
Bill Reiher
Stephanie and Dave - OFM vendors
Caleb and Abby
Customer toating his baby
Caleb and Abby - Anniversay kiss at the OFM
Tim and Lauren entertaining the customers
Thanks for the purchase.
As usual Tim has lots of customers.
Have you tried her fabulous cheeses?
What did I forget?
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