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We work hard to
Raise social consciousness about:
Regenerative food production on Cape Cod.

Did you know, Farmers, Gardeners and homeowners can help with Climate Change by reducing chemical use and improving soil health.


Soil Education is at the market- 
Meet the farmers and learn
where and how your food is grown.

Winter hours Starting
December 2nd
Saturdays 10am to Noon
Thank you to everyone for growing, eating and supporting local food from the land and sea! 
Celebrating 30 Years
of Regenerating
Cape Cod Agriculture
we promote Local
Farmers and Growers who bring farm fresh products to market
Inside at 44 Main Street
Saturdays 12/2 thru April 
Winter hours
10 to Noon

We had a garden project at Nauset High School
 that is being put on hold due to the building and renovation at the school.

Please make a donation to the market to help us relocate the garden and grow more food, and grow
more young farmers
make a donation to our
Cape Cod Five Scholarship Fund

Have you heard the Buzz


Please join us in supporting Pollinators on Cape Cod.


The Northeast Organic
Farmers Association

We all need
Pollinators to produce our food, flowers, trees
and so much more.

Please get involved
follow the above links

HIP is at the Market Info Table. We have 7 to 10 vendors Participating. Lots of great Winter veggies to choose from.

It's All About the Soil

Have a healthier lawn by 
leaving the grass clippings, mowing on the highest setting and eliminating the chemical fertilizers, herbicides & pesticides.

 Add compost for soil nutrition and water holding abilities and then water less. 

You will be creating a soil sponge. This sponge is home to millions of microbes that help the plants grow and stay healthy.

The soil sponge also helps to reduce runoff during extreme rains

Plan your planting and seeding to work with Mother Nature and the local small water cycles "Rain".

Try reducing the amount of lawn and planting the outside edges with local native pollinator plants and flowers.

You will be happy with the results and less work.

​Follow this link
to find out about 
the Global Declining Populations of Insects
Please Join Us on Earth Day, 
Monday 4/22 at 1:00 pm.
We have asked
The Wellfleet Cinemas
to show
Common Ground
Here are some a links telling about the movie
the movie trailer
a Forbes article
Fox 7, Good Day America
Common Ground on ABC News

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